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Ship-2-Shore protect electronics, space shuttles, and food processing plant & equipment, long lasting moisture and corrosion protection

The Ultimate Rust Inhibitor & Lubricant for Extreme Environments

S2S PLID Wrap Introduction

S2S PLID Wrap is a wax based woven fabric infused with S2S HD. There are other petrol wraps on the market, but they do not have a rust inhibitor in the tape. As a result, they involve a 2-step application process that requires applying a grease with gloves followed by the tape.

S2S PLID Wrap is simple and easy to use, in a one-step application, since the inhibitor is already infused into the wrap. Other wraps can be prone to sag and are difficult and labour-intensive to use. S2S PLID Wrap bonds to the metal surface like a magnet to steel, eliminating sags and air gaps that can fill with moisture and, in the case of submersion, saltwater. An added benefit of the PLID Wrap is that it only requires a 30% overlap, whereas other wraps commonly require up to a 55% overlap. This difference means you would require more than 30% extra of the competitor’s tape to cover a given surface. These benefits will significantly reduce the frequency of maintenance, down-time and amount of inventory you need to hold, leading to reduced overall operational costs.

The Ultimate Rust Inhibitor for Pipes, Flanges, Valves & Fittings

Ship-2-Shore PLID Wrap infused with PLID Heavy Duty Film protect against rust perfect for pipes, flanges, valves & fittings on barges, navy vessels, ships, food processing plant & equipment, agriculture farming equipment, heavy vehicles, trucks, semi-trailers in martime, military and security, agriculture, food processing, bridges

S2S PLID Wrap works on Hydraulic fittings, pipe, valves, flanges and is even used as patches over problem areas in vessels.

In this photo you can see S2S PLID Wrap after 1000 hours in a Salt Spray test chamber. No corrosion where the Wrap covered the pipe.

PLID Wrap Salt Water Resistant

SHIP 2 SHORE PLID Wrap infused with S2S PLID Heavy Duty Film is salt water resistant, rust inhibitor for hydraulic lines in amphibious vehicle

S2S PLID Wrap can be over wrapped in colored vinyl tape or a paintable tape for color coding pipes.

S2S PLID Wrap can be custom cut from 2 inches up to 36 inches in quantity.

In this photo you can see S2S PLID Wrap on Hydraulic lines on a US Navy amphibious vehicle. Notice how the Wrap conforms (through polar bonding) to the metal with no sagging or gaps like all other wraps are prone to do.

PLID Wrap - Applying to Pipes

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