Ship-2-Shore Wet Films are made for a wide number of industries - maritime, navy, coast guard, military, ships, trains, cars, mining heavy plant and equipment, refrigeration, agriculture, food processing, oil and gas terminals, tanks, sewerage and waste water. See the following testimonials proving high performance long lasting protection from moisture and corrosive contaminants and protection from rust.

Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial films are used and proven by Royal Canadian Navy (since 1995) and the Canadian Coast Guard Service (since 1996)

S2S Maritime

Testimonials for anti-rust & corrosion prevention for maritime, navy, workboats, barges, military, coast guard, navigation markers, sailboats

Nanaimo Marina Manager, Nanaimo, B.C. July 2015

"We had constant corrosion issues with electric connections and panels throughout the marina…nothing seemed to work…in 1998 we did all electrics throughout the marina with Ship-2-Shore…since, we've had absolutely no problems"....."In 2003 we did the same thing at our new marina…not a problem since…we always recommend Ship-2-Shore to our boaters"

S2S Mining & Resources

Ship-2-Shore Testimonials for protection against rust in the mining & resources, heavy equipment

Forces Member, Deck Crew, HMCS Winnipeg, Royal Canadian Navy

"Ship-2-Shore's awesome"

Military & Security

SHIP 2 SHORE Anti-rust and corrosion prevention for Military & Security, light oil and heavy grease for guns, navy vessels, ships, barges, tugboats

Testimonial coming...

Food Processing

S2S Agriculture, farm & packing shed equipment, lighting & irrigation, golf course rust & corrosion Prevention

Gordon Fraser Top Shelf Feeds Inc. Duncan, BC

"We are feed manufacturer's on Vancouver Island, B.C. Our fleet of trucks deliver animal feed from Victoria to Courtenay on a daily basis. We first became involved with Ship to Shore in 1987. Our fleet of trucks were subject to rust and corrosion due to road salt and the feed products themselves. Ship to Shore has improved these problems with remarkable success...

Public Utilities
Plant & Equipment

Ship-2-Shore protection from rust and corrosion for public utilities, Oil & gas, terminals, tanks & storage, sewage & waste water, pipelines, plant & equipment, Transport, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, heavy vehicles

Rodger Smelcer VP, United Service Technologies, Anaheim, CA

"We use Ship-2-Shore PLID on food processing, preparation and cooking equipment in the meat department, deli and bakeries of our supermarket customers…we use it all kinds of places but especially on VFD's, circuit boards, connections and motors…they get wet and immediately start to corrode…it keeps them corrosion free…saves a ton of service calls and replacement parts…reduces equipment down time and saves our customer's a ton of money"

Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles, Cars, Caravans, RV's, Trailers, Conservation, preservation & restoration of cultural, historic & artistic monuments

Skipper Alice Woods, Campbell River, BC World Circumnavigation 2012

"My cockpit winches see a lot of salt and I service them regularly, but I have had trouble finding a grease that would do the trick. After the last cleaning in Darwin I tried three different lubricants to compare results...when I pulled the housing off of the Ship 2 Shore lubricated winch it looked as it did the day that I serviced it last…It seems incredible…the lubricant did not appear to have been impacted by the crossing, which due to so much cross swell was quite wet...the others left gummy residues, were hardly lubricating and were no longer coating much of the gears and electrolysis was starting where salt water contacted the metals. Thanks Ship-2-Shore guys!".

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