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Ship-2-Shore Wet Films are made for a wide number of industries - recreational. See the following testimonials proving high performance long lasting protection from moisture and corrosive contaminants and protection from rust.

Skipper Alice Woods, Campbell River, BC World Circumnavigation 2012

"My cockpit winches see a lot of salt and I service them regularly, but I have had trouble finding a grease that would do the trick. After the last cleaning in Darwin I tried three different lubricants to compare results...when I pulled the housing off of the Ship 2 Shore lubricated winch it looked as it did the day that I serviced it last…It seems incredible…the lubricant did not appear to have been impacted by the crossing, which due to so much cross swell was quite wet...the others left gummy residues, were hardly lubricating and were no longer coating much of the gears and electrolysis was starting where salt water contacted the metals. Thanks Ship-2-Shore guys!"

Ken Wardstrom K G Wardstrom Industrial Gas British Columbia Jan 2004

"The PLID product is not only being used successfully as a penetrating oil but has also turned out to be an excellent lubricant and protection for my shotgun when hunting in the salt water marshes.

I sold one can of PLID to a friend and he sprayed his hovercraft motor with the product. This eliminated the shutdowns he was having when salt water sprayed the motor. A number of other Hovercraft friends have since purchased the product and reported successful results.

One of my employee's races cross-country motorcycles. He was having problems with the wheel bearings rusting and experimented with replacing the factory bearing grease with XHD. This has proven very successful.

While we may be applying your products to non-traditional applications, we are very impressed with all the results so far."

Museum Restoration USA Nov 2003

This is a rare original oil well pump at a museum in the U.S. It got rather damp and needed some extra protection to preserve it.

Ship-2-Shore prevent rusting on oil well pump in museum Ship-2-Shore preserves oil well pump from rusting for museum Ship-2-Shore protect oil well pump from rust for museum

Cleaned up by hand using a wire brush, Ship- 2-Shore was the coating of choice to preserve it for future generations. Ship-2-Shore was applied using a brush straight out of the container.

Ship-2-Shore museum oil well pump protected from rust Ship-2-Shore museum oil well pump protected from rusting from rain water S2S protect oil well pump from rusting in rain water for museum

Note how the rainwater beads up and has no detrimental effect on Ship-2-Shore. If Ship-2-Shore ever needs a re-application just brush a little more on. No preparation is required.

U.S. Army Heritage Museum and Education Centre Carlisle Pennsylvania USA 2003

Another successful restoration project is of a 1943 German 88mm PAK 43/41 Anti-Tank Gun done by McKay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Inc. of Oberlin Ohio.

"...to protect the metal from further corrosion, a corrosion inhibiting clear coating was applied. The product used was Ship-2-Shore Industrial, a very effective and long lasting gel that dries to waxy clear film. A Canadian product, it has an extensive and very successful performance history in the maritime industry protecting ship steel from salt water. Ship-2-Shore Industrial and the lower viscosity Ship-2-Shore PLID were used extensively in this restoration. The PLID product was used to penetrate all openings at moving parts and all points of wear to prevent corrosion from water entry when the gun is exhibited outdoors."

And, the final word... Terry Laing, Corrosion proofing...

Terry Laing, Corrosion proofing since mid 1960's, Victoria, BC

"I've not found better" (worrying if he had, as he's the company Founder! But, for most of his career, he was the biggest user of the products)

"Our customers have found Ship-2-Shore wet films to be effective on marine electronics, circuit boards, lighting, electrical, connectors, switches, wires, motors, tools, machinery, insulated pipe, steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, iron, brass...fasteners, nuts, bolts, welds, seams, cracks, corners, crevices, voids, cofferdams…and use Ship-2-Shore on workboats, ships, barges, deck equipment, fish boats, naval vessels, coast guard vessels, navigation markers, marinas, fork lifts, trucks, wire rigging, anchor chain, chain winches and locker, bilge, keel, rudder, drive shaft tunnel, voids in double hull vessels, cofferdams on offshore structures...

Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial are environment friendly, user safe and clean up with soap and water.

They're safe enough that Ship-2-Shore films are approved for food processing equipment and facilities (not for use on food contact surfaces) by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency."

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