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Ship-2-Shore Wet Films are made for a wide number of industries - utilities, plant and equipment. See the following testimonials proving high performance long lasting protection from moisture and corrosive contaminants and protection from rust.

Remote Steel I-Beam Highway Bridge Steep Creek British Columbia Sep 2014 to July 2014

Ship-2-Shore rust protection for bridge beams The I-beams on this remote bridge were so badly rusted conventional preparation and coatings were out of the question. Ship-2-Shore was chosen as the only alternate coating that could be used successfully in this situation. Liquid Corrosion Control Systems was contracted to do the work.

Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film descale rust from bridge beams, prevent rusting, anti-corrosion We first tried needle guns but most of the scale was so tightly adhere needle guns were ineffective. 10 pound smithy hammers banged off some of the looser scale but a lot of tight scale remaining. We applied Ship-2-Shore "Industrial" to all the steel work right over the tightly adhered rust scale we had been unable to remove.

Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film anti-corrosion, remove rust and protection against rust for bridges Six weeks later the Ministry of Transportation and Highways bridge inspector reported back and said "Ship-2-Shore application looks fine but we will have to put more on." I asked if we had missed some area, he said "No, the rust scale is starting to fall off!"... of course this takes the Ship-2-Shore off as well!

Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film applied to bridge protect from rust after ten years
The bridge crew reapplied Ship-2-Shore as necessary. This is Liquid Descaling in Action! For more information contact us. Ten years later. All scale gone.
Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film applied to bridge beams stop rusting
A couple of minor Ship-2-Shore touch-ups since 2004. Scale gone, Rusting STOPPED! 100% Simple, Easy, Effective Rust Control.

Rodger Smelcer VP, United Service Technologies, Anaheim, CA

"We use Ship-2-Shore PLID on food processing, preparation and cooking equipment in the meat department, deli and bakeries of our supermarket customers…we use it all kinds of places but especially on VFD's, circuit boards, connections and motors…they get wet and immediately start to corrode…it keeps them corrosion free…saves a ton of service calls and replacement parts…reduces equipment down time and saves our customer's a ton of money"

The Mushroom Composting Facility Jul 2002

Now in operation. Ship-2-Shore PLID is working well to prevent corrosion on computer boards in the loaders. In this high "ammonia" environment, computer boards in the loaders were lasting about 6 months before corroding out at a cost of $3,000 each. This was getting expensive.

Since they started spraying the boards with PLID before putting them in service the problem has been virtually eliminated. One dollar invested returns $3,000 on saved computer boards.

Grade Public Walkway West Bay Victoria BC Aug 2005

Ship-2-Shore Industrial Thick Film applied to steel walkway around harbour to protect from rusting Steel walkway around marine harbour waterfront in Victoria BC. We filled this moat with Ship-2-Shore "PLID" which will migrate down the steel below grade. We also put some higher up the post where we will be using it as a primer before we paint over it. (PLID is a highly effective penetrating, moisture displacing rust inhibitor with a strong attraction to metal).

Original rusty steel walkway around harbour Ship-2-Shore PLID to prevent rusing of public walkway, protection from rust S2S protect steel walkway from rusting S2S protect steel walkway from rusting

We topped up this moat with PLID as necessary every week or so, until an estimated cup or so had penetrated below grade. We waited until the moat was again empty then filled it with Ship-2-Shore Industrial (a thick long lasting water resistant rust inhibitor).

Ship-2-Shore PLID applied to steel walkway to protect from rust around harbour
We covered the moat with a thin fiberglass sheet cut to fit around the base of the posts secured with clear silicone, not to seal the join but to secure the sheet in place. It is not required to be water tight. This covering provides a mechanical barrier to prevent water wash-out due to heavy rains and provides UV protection.

Ship-2-Shore PLID applied to steel walkway anti-corrosion, protection from rust around harbour When painting we allowed the paint to flow over the Industrial below. I have since been back to check things over and observed that the paint has formed a tough hard coat over the Ship-2-Shore Industrial. This economical procedure works well for any size steel structure, parkade or problem with rebar rusting.

Ken Wardstrom Wardstrom Industrial Gas Ltd. Jul 2004

“The anti-corrosion treatment you applied on our service trucks is proving very effective when compared to the trucks that were purposely not treated. The application of the ship to shore on the electrical terminal strip we were having problems with has solved the corrosion problem and the random shut downs have disappeared."

Al, Service Manager, Williams Machinery, Vancouver BC

"All our shop guys use it…no service vehicle leaves here without a least one can"

Lorne G., Canbuild Solutions, Nanaimo, B.C.

"We use PLID on all our tools and what-not. The guys like it because it lasts so long"

Robert Lodge, Mckay Lodge Conservation Laboratory, Oberlin, OH

"I recommend Ship-2-Shore PLID and Industrial to anyone for corrosion proofing…in my experience there is no better…it's worth it"

Lawrence Gilbert, Pluracom Atlantic Ltd., Distributor, Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada

Ship-2-Shore protect from rust and anti-corrosion in food manufacture industry "Attached is the photo of the test sample. This sample has been out in the weather for about 18 months. The heavy rust area was bare steel, and you can see the effects of corrosion. The darker heavier product is the S2S industrial. It is amazing to see where the S2S was removed with the razor blade. The steel is in as perfect condition as it was 18 months ago."

"This sample has been out in the weather for about 18 months…the heavy rust area was bare steel…you can see the effects of corrosion…the darker heavier product is Ship-2-Shore Industrial…it is amazing to see where the Ship-2-Shore was removed…the steel is in perfect condition"

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